About us

LightAudio Ltd is founded on the fundamental principles of design, plan and create. Established on over 8 years industry experience we understand how to design, plan and create all technical aspects of professional Events, Conferences & Weddings. At LA Create our clients are always our top priority and we want to support our clients to realise the full potential of their events and venues technically. We are committed to delivering the best possible service to ensure that each event is entirely unique and of the highest possible standard.


Our professional and devoted team are true experts at organising and executing every type of Corporate, Private event or Wedding leaving you to feel safe with the confidence that every event is as special to us as it is to you. Making memories to last a lifetime. Anything is possible with LA Create we cater for all event budgets customised to your individual needs after all your success is our success.

Event Design

We offer a personalised styling, design &
planning service for both corporate & private 
events, occasions & parties. That means 
whether it's for a client dinner, conference or for 
a wedding, our attention to detail will ensure it is 
unforgettable. Not only do we bring fresh design 
ideas to create individually styled & branded 
events, we can also plan & co-ordinate every 
element of each event right down to the all 
important details.

Event Planning

Our event planners take pride in designing event concepts which create lasting impressions with your guests. When working in venues, LA Create have built up a reputation as an efficient, professional and creative team, able to transform any venue into a one of a kind event space. Each event design is unique and special which wow’s guests from dinner balls to charity functions to awards ceremonies, we can provide everything needed to make events a success.

Tie the knot scotland - Hot prop-erty

Want your ceremony and reception spaces to have wow factor? Scottish venue decor specialists tell us what wedding furniture, decor and props are in demand right now and what’s worth splurging on for maximum impact…